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Modelo G160-3 Air Compressor with Renovated Diesel Engine
Tipo compresor
Año de fabricación 2019
Primera matriculación 2017
Peso neto 940 kg
Ubicación Turquía KONYA
Fecha de publicación Jun 29, 2020
Id. de Autoline BV19206
Presión 2.5 bar
Capacidad 7200 l/min
Dimensiones totales 1.8 m × 1 m × 0.94 m
Depósito de combustible 65 l
Marca Deutz F4L912 – Air Cooled
Tipo en línea
Potencia 58.8 kW (80 Hp)
Combustible diésel
Número de cilindros 4
Filtro antipartículas
Estado nuevo
Pintura original
Color dorado, metálico
Información adicional: Inglés
Standard Features :
Model-G160-3 : Piston type
Capacity : 7200 lt/minute air flow
Working Pressure : 2.5 – 3 bar
Discharge Air Flow Rate : 7.2 m3/min (432 m3/hr) at 2.0 bar g (29 psi g)
Cylinders: 3x160 mm
Piston Stroke: 80 mm
Cooling: Air cooling
Cement Discharge time : 1.5 m3/min
Speed : 1500 RPM
Final Temperature : 50 – 55 Deg C
Engine / Motor : Maye F4L912 4 cylinder 80 hp diesel engine – Air Cooled
(Electric motor could be installed instead of diesel engine as alternative)
Weight of Complete Unit : 740 kg.
Dimensions : 1800 x 1000 x 940 mm
Market Usage :
This reciprocating piston type air compressors is designed for perfectly use on cement bulkers and cement silos, at cement plants / cement factories, concrete ready mix plants, crushers, interlock factories and all powder chemicals manufacturing plants where the powder materials being moved and transported using air pressure / air flow. The materials can be moved by using this type of compressors are dry cement, lime, gypsum, sand, dolomite, bentonite, barite, ash, powder chemicals, etc...
General Specs:
The G160-3 Air Compressors direct coupled with 4 cylinder air cooled diesel engine is independent working unit which gives flexible movement of tractor head and bulker unit.
High efficient special developed direct coupled system for pneumatic transportation.
Vibration free work by special balanced crank.
The whole unit is assembled on a strong chassy frame and ready to be installed on bulker trailer or structure.
The perfectly designed air cooled system keep the unit working on extreme weather conditions with optimum performance.
The rubber mountings should be fixed between the main frame and the trailer chassy in order to provide vibration tolerance.
The Standard Package:
The G160-3 Air Compressor comes with following standard equipment:
Deutz F4L912 diesel engine - 4 cylinder air cooled diesel engine or electric motor
Control Panel
Strong chassy frame
Oil type air filters
Safety releif valve set at 2.5 bar(g)
Instructions and maintenance procedure
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